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One of his cousins ​​bit him, giving him a terrible bacterial disease


One unlucky man managed to escape the deadly flesh-eating bacteria after being bitten by a relative while trying to break up a fight.

Florida native Tony Adams was at a family party in Tampa when a fight broke out between two of his cousins, and when the man tried to break up the fight, he was bitten by one of them in a blind rage.

The man acted quickly when he immediately went to the hospital to receive antibiotics, but his condition suddenly worsened.

The man told the Tampa Bay Times, “On the third day, my leg hurt so bad I couldn’t walk, it was so hot, I was in so much pain.”

After returning to the hospital, his doctor gave him shocking news, noting that he was suffering from “necrotizing fasciitis,” a disease that devours human flesh and causes death within days.

Doctors noticed that the infection was growing upward from his thigh, leaving a bright red stain on the infected flesh.

Immediately, doctors performed emergency procedures and removed 70% of the front of Tony’s thigh, saving his leg and possibly his life.

Doctors admitted in the paper that they had never seen necrotizing fasciitis in humans, but they were not surprised by what happened. Fritz Brink, a wound therapist who treated Tony, revealed: “A human bite is dirtier than a dog bite. In terms of the types of bacteria that grow.”

Tony took at least three weeks to recover from the surgery, but he is in the middle of a six-month plan for a full recovery.

Fortunately, despite a nasty scar on his thigh during the operation, he had no functional problems.

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For his part, Tony has maintained his positive attitude throughout the process, as he owes his recovery to doctors, as well as regular prayers and meditation. He commented: “What you see now is not just a scar, but the beauty of the consequences (of the accident).”

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