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One paid $ 100,000 for two rare pieces of gold offered by Funko Pops


Photo of the two involved in the record-breaking deal and a close-up of the same rare characters.

On the left, in green, is the Grailmanster with the newly acquired characters. It is true that he bought the data for $ 100,000.
Picture: GrailMonster / Funko / Kotaku

On May 5, a man in Glendale, California met with another person to purchase two sealed packages of the ultra-rare variety. Funco Pops at $ 100K Cash money. The deal marks the first six-digit sale of Funco Pop’s ever recorded, the largest in the history of the Funco Pop Group, and the beginning of even bigger deals to come.

What are Funco Pops? Well, you already know what they are. But for those who live under the rock or do not go to the store selling comics, books or video games, I help. Funco Pops Small vinyl figurines with large heads (often called pops). Most of the characters have to look like different characters in pop culture like Batman and Freddie Krueger. Darth VaderAnd many more ‘. Some love them, some hate them, and many do not even think about them because, God, the world is a mess these days and I do not have the energy to value the people I love. Funny Pop Culture Collections.

Anyway, there is one rare beanback Willie Wonka– There are two gilded forms in the theme package. In 2016, only 10 of these data were provided, and only four These are Holders of gold cards were spotted inside candy bars at a Comic-Con event in San Diego. (The other six combos are estimated to have been given to members or employees of Funco.) Since then, most sets have been locked in individual sets, so only two sets have popular cards.

Tried and could not find another Willy Wonka Gold Pops Card Pack Known to be, Frank-Called Grielmanster OnlineHe decided to contact someone he knew for sure. So, last month, GrillMoster contacted the collector with one of these rare gold card numbers and asked if he was interested in selling it.

“I’ve been hearing for a while that he’s not going to sell it,” Krillmanster said. கொட்டகு Via email, “Our mutual friends put it to my ear. If I give him $ 100,000 he will be released.”

It was a little reassuring, but in the end, the two made a deal, and the collector sold his rare figures for $ 100,000. Cash money. However, even after the deal was finalized, Krillmanster was not sure if the collector would actually split such a rare number.

“I don’t really think he’s going to sell until he walks in the door on the morning of the deal.”

Funco pop fans gathered on May 5 to finalize a deal at a collection store in Glendale, California. Everything was recorded and uploaded to the Greilmanster YouTube channel. According to him and Other members of the Pop Collections communityThis is the biggest and most expensive deal.

The Grielmanster is well known, and many, perhaps many of you who are reading this now, will describe him as an idiot or an idiot. He explained to me that while he and others were counting all the money in the store and preparing to change, he was mocking the “village idiot” online. But there is a feeling between her and many pop collectors that the community will soon have an experience The Pokமொmon-like explosion of money and celebrity.

“At first I was sure $ 100,000 Buy a Pokemon card Grillmaster explained that this was very stupid and that the first $ 10,000 Like buying picture books. They are all connected. “

He hopes the deal will help bring in new collectors while at the same time highlighting how the world of private collectors has become “crazy” about Funko Pops in recent years, offering Pops $ 20,000 based on rumors and photos. .

“Private [Funko Pop] Grillmaster said the community is really like the Wild West. “The secondary market does not really have sales resources, so everyone is dependent on each other to conclude big deals. Hard money flies.

Having spent so much money on these two rare characters, the Grillmaster made fun of what he now plans to do. கொட்டகு Go “stare at it” for a long time.

“I put it in the middle of my dining table like a dizziness,” Grillmaster admitted. “I will keep it as long as possible.”

Of course, I asked him what he would say to people who think spending so much money on plastic toys is so weird or nonsense. According to him, a hobby is more than just games, although he understands that some people will not accept it, in his view it is a natural part.

He also said that no one should understand it. I enjoy it more than any hobby I have ever had. “I want to know about rare works. There are great stories behind sections like Clockwork Orange, Freddie Venom, Beatles Reject Sets.

“For me, I’m not buying games. I’m chasing stories.

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