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The Tunisian Labor Party sets the conditions before joining the national dialogue


Tunisia: “Al-Khaleej”, and agencies

The Tunisian Workers’ Union imposed conditions before joining a national dialogue hosted by President Guiz Saeed aimed at establishing a new republic, while an International Organization for Migration and a security official said 75 people were missing when the crowded boat sank at sea. Tunisia yesterday Wednesday.

The absence of a union representing the country’s largest national organization, with hundreds of thousands of workers involved, threatens to fail even before the national dialogue begins. Serious efforts are being made to bring the views closer and push the company to participate.

President Saeed presented an advisory committee to guide the national dialogue with ambiguous powers and tasks, without mentioning the role of political parties.

The federation’s spokesman Sami al-Tahri explained at a press conference that the federation sets the conditions before participating in the national dialogue, in which consultations must be decisive, and he presents proposals to the president. And he can decide whether they are rejected or accepted.

There is a policy agreement between the federation and the leadership not to include in the negotiations any of the parties opposing the July 25 path, or those involved in any way contributing to the deterioration of economic and social conditions and the deterioration of political performance. Political class and successive governments in parliament since 2011.

Al-Tahri, on the other hand, demands that the dialogue be opened to representatives of civil society and to the maximum number of representatives of the parties supporting the July 25 decision, and that the dialogue not be based on preconceived notions. Don’t just turn into a crowd of praise.

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The union opposes certain points in the presidential decree on the advisory council for negotiations, which set a time limit of twenty days for the dialogue, which the union considers inadequate to draft a new constitution. Electoral law and an economic plan. It is suspected among union leaders that these issues were prepared in advance by the president before the talks began.

On the other hand, the east coast of Tunisia saw a new tragedy after a rubber boat carrying 100 illegal immigrants sank off the coast of Sfax Governorate.

The International Organization for Migration and a security official said 75 people were missing after a boat capsized off the coast of Tunisia yesterday.

The group added that 24 people had been rescued from a boat that sank off the coast of Suwara in Libya and sank in Sfox, Tunisia. A Tunisian security official has told Reuters that a body has been recovered by the Coast Guard in a search for 75 people who are still missing.

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