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One Saudi prince talks about the Kingdom’s critics’ move from “untouchability” to “Aleppo” in dealing with a change in Biden’s policy.


DUBAI: United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Museid on Friday slammed US President Joe Biden’s policy of “abandoning Saudi Arabia”, saying they had changed. From the word “untouchability” to the word “Aleppo”, regardless of Washington’s policy on the Kingdom and its leaders.

Bin Mossad said on his official Twitter page: “Since the Biden administration came to the White House, mercenaries, tenants and tenants have been delighted! Opportunities have been missed from poor traitors. They are optimistic and disappointed. “

The Saudi prince added: “As American policy returns to the right path, as expected from a large country with ancient institutions that know its interests and deal with the facts of things, it is retreating from false beliefs. It is certain that Saudi Arabia is a country that cannot be ignored and can only treat its leaders with due respect and equality.

Then Musayad concluded: “Farjaya was grateful when he realized the magnitude of his height and influence in its surroundings and around the world, and it became clear that the tone had changed to a moderate tone. And the blessings of its leadership, ”he said.

However, US officials have revealed that Biden is ready to “ignore” the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoki, in return for “restoring relations” with the state and heating it up.

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