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Oral diseases: Health and psychological warning signs


Oral and dental problems can be a warning (Gerardo Vieira / Getty)

Oral and dental problems can, in many cases, be a warning, citing a dental official at a health center, according to a report in the British newspaper “The Mirror”. United Kingdom“Dental health can be the first line of defense in detecting signs of major health problems in other parts of the body,” Neil Sigil said.
Sickle says of this, “Dental diseases can give a clear picture of an individual’s health status. Blue lips, for example, indicate poor blood flow, and gingivitis in general. Diabetics“.
Dentist In his interview with Hussein Hodeid al-Arabi al-Jadeed, several studies have demonstrated the link between oral health and physical health, and researchers have found a link between oral health and public health. The first signs that public health may be compromised are bacterial overgrowth in the mouth, which can lead to infections and other illnesses. Cancer. It is noteworthy that bacteria can spread from the mouth to all parts of the body if treatment is neglected, leading to heart related diseases. Numerous studies have warned of the risk of heart disease and its association with oral bacteria. “
Hoteit added, “It is common knowledge that bad breath indicates the presence of fungi and warns of diseases of the digestive system. .
According to The Mirror, he may have known Dentists If the patient often suffers from bulimia, i.e. overeating through the tooth decay and decay system, one of the consequences of bulimia is that people may develop persistent vomiting, which produces a lot of stomach acids. The enamel layer on the teeth erodes.

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Psychological health
A study by WebMD, an American medical website that specializes in publishing scientific and health studies, tracked the impact of dental health on mental health, saying “damaged teeth cause the patient permanent embarrassment at laughing or talking, so he or she sinks in and avoids contact with people.”
According to The Mirror, many people suffer from tooth decay, which is often caused by stress and anxiety. Therefore, the dentist Dr. Susie Lloyd insists that the problem of bruxism should be solved by a psychologist before the dentist.

In his interview with al-Arabi al-Jadeed, the psychiatrist Dr. Reem al-Haraka believes that psychological problems can affect dental health and therefore physical health. He says, “Often, depressed patients eat harmful foods or beverages that contain high levels of sugar, or smoke too much, which can lead to an increase in gum and dental disease. Some people with mental disorders may stop eating altogether. There is weakness and dizziness in the body. “

Dentists can diagnose a disease by examining the mouth (Tolka Akmen / AFP)

WebMD explains, “Avoiding eating due to psychological disorders is beyond the idea of ​​weakening the jaw and teeth because avoiding food is a loss of many minerals and vitamins. Low levels of calcium are an essential element of human health.

Preventive care for oral health
Hoteit said, “Individuals should be reminded to go to the dentist at least twice a year, as this visit can reveal a number of ailments and will allow them to thoroughly clean their mouth and teeth and remove harmful layers of tartar.”
He also advises the need to take care of the health of the mouth and gums by using disinfectants, and in the absence of these disinfectants, water and salt can simply be used, which can fight bacteria in the mouth. This is essential. Brush your teeth twice a day to reduce congestion in the mouth.

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According to the World Health Organization, “Oral diseases are on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, for a variety of reasons, including water supply and oral hygiene products such as toothpaste, high-sugar foods and the marketing of sugary, tobacco and alcoholic foods and beverages, oral health and other non-communicable diseases. Led to the consumption of substances that contribute to diseases. “

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