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“Out of Paper” works at “Al Jalila Centre”.. Signed by 18 artists


An inspiring creative space, unique art and innovative sculptures presented by the “Out of Paper” exhibition organized by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) at the Al Jalila Center for Children’s Culture. This is the first session of the “Dubai Fingerprint Biennial” which will continue till the 31st of this month.

The art exhibition comes within the framework of the Commission’s commitments aimed at creating a sustainable creative environment capable of empowering talented individuals.

The “Out of Paper” exhibition, in which 18 creators participated and presented 31 works of art, reflects the flexibility, softness and ability to interact with handwriting and other materials: ceramic, textile, wood, stone, acrylic, glass, steel. , and others, the works of the exhibition document the nature of the changes witnessed by different forms of art throughout the ages, which helped them to move away from the norm, and gave them new dimensions that contributed to their development and presentation in different forms.

In the exhibition halls, Amir Shahrukh Varyoswi embodies the essence of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi’s poetry with his work “You are Life and the World”, while Fatima Al-Khetbi appears in her work “Expressions of Gol”. He relied on Al-Ithmad’s kol, while Sandra Boutros was inspired by geometry and presented her work “Chess in Arabic”, architecture and Arabic calligraphy, worked using natural materials such as stone, wood and walnut.

Abbas Youssef will exhibit “Obelisk of Poetry” and “Deep Meaning” inspired by Bahraini poet Qasim Haddad’s poem “Begin Yourself”, while Emirati Jamal Habroosh Al Suwaidi is considered the first regional artist to tackle the issues. Murano glass transforms them into works inspired by the aesthetics of Arabic script.His masterpiece “Journey to Murano” is featured in the exhibition which embodies the essence of desert sand.

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The “Kashida” brand showcases the “Calligraffiti Plate” carved in mango wood and brass and the “Calligraffiti Box” made of acrylic, along with the “Blessed is this House” piece made of walnut wood and steel.

Kamal al-Joabi presents works that reveal the flexibility of letters and their different forms. Khaled Shaheen participates in the productions “Revival of Love” and “Amma”. The work “Sawasya” highlights Nada Abdullah’s passion for calligraphy, while Nawal Al Balushi presents his work “Touches of the Past”. Nida Elias seeks to reinterpret the art of square Kufic calligraphy with “Rumi’s Manifestations”. Nevin Majeed’s “Satisfaction” sculpture creates a creative space that prompts viewers to ponder the meanings of gratitude.

For Sarah Al-Khayal, her work “Love from Self” celebrates Arabic writing and emotion. Somaya Aziz sums up the elements of form and composition in her work “Ceramic Decoration”. Wissam Al-Sayegh participates in the exhibition with a diverse collection of his ceramic works, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics and diversity of Arabic letters to their details.

The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to contemplate the works and sculptures of Joseph Al-Hawarni, inspired by the poetry of Elia Abu Madi.

Shamza Jumma seeks to explore the secrets of letters through his sculpture. Boubacar Boukhari presents his work “The Second Wave” in an attempt to explore the Arabic calligraphy movement, which he sees as an extension and representation of sound waves.

• 31 artworks are included in the exhibition that highlight the flexibility and ability to interact with other objects.

Discover the secrets

In addition to the “Out of Paper” exhibition, the “Al Jalila Center for Children’s Culture” hosts various interactive workshops that help encourage visitors to discover the secrets of embroidery arts, the basics of making handmade ceramics and learn about them. The origin and foundations of decoration, and the process of writing letters and connecting them using artistic methods are different, how to design and create animation.

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The inaugural edition of the “Dubai Fingerprint Biennial” was notable for organizing 19 different exhibitions and contributing to the activation of more than 35 cultural and heritage sites around Dubai.

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