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“Owned by Ministry of Agriculture”


By Asma Nasser

Sunday, July 09, 2023 at 12:36 PM

Ahmed Ibrahim, the media consultant of the Ministry of Agriculture, confirmed that the Egyptian Federation for the Development of Zoos received today, Sunday, July 9, to start the development process of the zoo to be internationally equivalent. Here are some important facts about zoos, and the process of creating a zoo, which are:

1- The garden will still be yours Ministry of Agriculture and under the technical supervision of the Veterinary Services Commission.

2- Development by a coalition of some specialized Egyptian national institutions led by the Institute of Military Production Projects, under the supervision of African Zoos and the International Federation of Zoos.

3- The African Union of Zoos approved the development and engineering design project, and this is an important step that contributes to the return of the zoo to the international classification of zoos, which was graduated in 2004 for failing to follow international standards. Shelter animals.

4- The development project was developed by the largest global consultant in the development of zoos, which has developed 12 zoos worldwide, including London Zoo.

5- Bringing new and rare species of animals and increasing the number of animals in the garden in terms of type and size.

6- The development and management of the two parks (Animal and Orman) is based on a benefit system for 25 years, in return for an annual rent increased by a certain percentage every year.

7- Preservation of the traditional character of the two gardens, as well as preservation of rare plants and trees and archeology.

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8- The park will be open without barriers by applying the highest international safety standards.

9- Animals remain in the park during the growing season receiving all veterinary and nutritional care under the supervision of the Veterinary Services Authority.

10- Zoo and Orman Zoo will be connected by a tunnel.

11- The development of the park falls within the framework of the Government’s efforts to raise the efficiency of its assets in order to maximize their use to generate revenue and provide new employment opportunities.

12- The closure of the two parks during the development period will put pressure on the implementation of the directives of the political leadership to quickly open them to the citizens.

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