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Palestine is suffering from a very cold depression

Palestine is suffering from a very cold depression

Released: 03/03/2022 (Last updated: 03/03/2022 Time: 08:16)

Bethlehem – Deer – Palestinian Meteorological Department expects the country to be affected by very cold winds, with cloudy and cold weather, with occasional very cold, stormy and dusty areas, especially in the south, and a significant drop in temperature, their annual general average. It will be about 5 degrees Celsius lower and there will be thundershowers at times.

Tonight: The weather will be partly cloudy and chilly, especially at the top of the hill, with moderate rain expected in some parts of the country.

Friday 03/04/2022: The weather will be partly cloudy to very cold, with temperatures hovering around 5 degrees Celsius below their annual average and in some areas likely to rain widely.

Saturday 03/05/2022: The weather will be clear and mild during the day with moderate clouds, and temperatures will average throughout the year, with winds ranging from northeast to mild to moderate. Light in the ocean waves.

Sunday 03/06/2022: The weather will be partly cloudy, the day will be clear and pleasant, with a significant increase in temperature, 5 degrees Celsius above their annual average, and the winds will be light to moderate at southeast, and light at sea level.

Meteorological Center warns citizens on Thursday:

1- Intensity of wind speed.

2- Skating on the roads.

3- Low horizontal view.

4- Sharp drop in temperature.

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