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Panic and panic.. Prince Harry is shaking in fear of Meghan Markle!


Angela Levin, an expert on the affairs of the royal family, revealed that Prince Harry lives in “panic and terror” from his wife Meghan Markle, who tries to get the upper hand in everything.

Angela confirmed that the Duke of Sussex also gets nervous when she’s around: “Meghan is known to say something you don’t want to say and then look back and be satisfied and happy. So scary, that’s what happens to Harry.

Angela continued: “I think Harry is very scared of her because of the way she looks at him. He doesn’t want to say anything if he sees her wanting to talk. And if he senses or notices that she wants to talk to someone in front of him, he backs off and leaves her the chance.

Meghan is seen trying to calm Prince Harry down in a video released for the first time in a recent episode of their Netflix documentary “Harry and Meghan.”

The two appeared on video after a joint interview with popular American host Oprah Winfrey in 2021, and Harry took the initiative to listen to Meghan read aloud a statement from the late Queen Elizabeth II to her husband. Telephone.

Harry was clearly shocked and surprised at the speech; Then he said to his wife, “I should have known what I had to do.” Then Megan hugged him and said, “Let’s relax. Relax, breathe, then decide.

And Angela came back and said: “Harry’s getting really nervous and I think she’s controlling everything; Because that’s not the Harry he was a few years ago.”

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Angela confirmed that the only reason Harry’s behavior had changed in this way was because he followed Meghan around and met her demands, especially since she had an earlier statement in which she said: “She gets what Meghan wants,” which she stressed was tragic; Because she allows herself to say and do what she wants about things that anyone would have denied and seen Megan as wrong.

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