March 21, 2023

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"Panorama European Cinema" includes new episodes in its fourteenth edition

“Panorama European Cinema” includes new episodes in its fourteenth edition

Ali Abdel Rahman (Cairo)

The activities of the “Panorama European Film Festival” will begin in its fourteenth edition from November 17-26. It has received accolades from various international festivals, including the dark romantic comedy “The Worst Man in the World” by Joachim Trier. Jack Audiard’s bold film entitled “Paris, the Thirteenth District” and Juho Kochman’s “Wing No. 6” are a treatment for one of the novels by author Rosa Lixom. The second section includes “Rising Directors” and is dedicated to providing experiences for the first films, including Alex Camilleri’s “Loso”, which was shown in the first film Panorama of the Republic of Malta. The third section is a series of documentaries dealing with a wide range of topics that reflect the current state of our world, including the film “Maglow Ghost Town” directed by Miguel Angel Planck. The fourth part is the Krzysztof Kislowski cinema, where the panorama section specializes in showcasing the works of the pioneer Polish director Krzysztof Kislowski, whose artistic career spanned more than thirty years and his captivating visual language influenced people. A short film about love. , A short film about murder and Veronica’s double life. A fifth new section has been added to the panorama “Supernatural Images” dedicated to fans of visual stories with unfamiliar, terrifying or impossible cinematic language. The department’s most notable films are “Snow Death” directed by Lucille Hatsihalilovic. , And “The Holy Spirit” directed by Sima Garcia Ibarra. In order to screen five short films for students in the official competition of the Leiden Festival, the festival program was included in the Sixth Shorts section formed as a result of the partnership with the Leiden Festival. It is noteworthy that the Panorama European Film Festival is being held under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in collaboration with EUNIC with the support of the European Union.

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