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The Independent: The world’s first patient diagnosed with “climate change” in Canada


A Canadian woman has been diagnosed as the world’s first patient to suffer from respiratory problems, doctors say heat waves and poor air quality are to blame for her condition.

Dr. Kyle Merritt said it was the first time in a decade that climate change had been written to cause suffering, and that Nelson, an elderly citizen of British Columbia, was suffering from asthma.

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And the emergency doctor, according to The Independent, said that if we did not read the case, we would only treat the symptoms and we would continue to reduce. But I try to implement what I see.

A historic heat wave hit Canada in June this year, followed by dense fog caused by wildfires.

The province of British Columbia, located in western Canada, is believed to have killed 500 people, while the maximum temperature was recorded in June. Wildfires have made the air 43 times worse than the coming conditions.

In the emergency department, Mert said, they take care of everyone from the most privileged to the most vulnerable. It’s hard to see people, especially the most vulnerable in our community, being affected, which is frustrating.

The newspaper pointed out that the patient was in his seventies and was diagnosed in the summer after a heat wave, which directly contributed to the deterioration of his health, Dr. Mert said. The patient is diabetic and lives without heart failure and air conditioning. All of her health problems have worsened and she is really struggling to survive.

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