March 24, 2023

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Peale returns to the intensive care unit

Sao Paulo-80-year-old Brazilian football legend Pele has returned to intensive care after suffering from shortness of breath, according to Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo.

The hospital announced in a statement that “after breathing difficulties, he was” precautionarily transferred to the intensive care unit, and after his health stabilized, the patient was placed in semi-intensive care, “continued,” he has a stable condition based on heart and respiration.

His daughter, Kelly Nacimento, said on social media that he was fine and posted a picture of his father smiling, saying, “He is recovering well within normal structure. I assure you.”

On September 4, Peele underwent surgery at the same hospital to remove a tumor in his colon, which was discovered during routine tests. He was in the intensive care unit until Sept. 14 before being transferred to the regular room.

Pele’s health has deteriorated in recent years, and he has been hospitalized several times, the last time he returned to Brazil in April 2019, in Paris due to a severe urinary tract infection, when the kidney stones were removed.

In November 2014, Peele suffered from a severe urinary tract infection, which forced him to enter an intensive care unit and undergo dialysis, amid much concern around the world about the possibility of the player’s death, history.

Pele had only one kidney from a player, and a rib fracture during a match damaged his right kidney, which was eventually removed. Pele, the only player to win the World Cup three times (1958, 1962 and 1970), scored 77 goals in 92 appearances on the “Seleno” shirt before retiring in 1977. He was selected by the International Olympic Committee in 1999, as one of the best athletes of the twentieth century, and later by the International Football Association. In one year as the best player of the same century by the Federation (FIFA). (Agent)

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