February 5, 2023

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مختص في علم الفيروسات: 'كوفيد طويل الامد' قد يصنف ضمن الأمراض المزمنة

“Long-term goiter” can be classified as a chronic disease


Preliminary results of some international studies are expected to classify “chronic goiter” as a new disease that could be added to chronic diseases, Mahjoub al-Awini, professor of virology at the Faculty of Pharmacology in Monastery, said today Saturday.

Mahjoub L. Auni, in a statement to TAP, pointed out that the possibility of classifying “chronic goiter” as a new disease may be included among chronic diseases, as these studies shed light on those who have been severely infected with the corona virus before and confirmed that they are suffering. From dangerous, many and various remnants that affect their nervous, respiratory, reproductive systems, heart, arteries and others.

Al-Awni A group of people have been infected with the corona virus for many months but recovering from the disease has not saved them from some of the dangerous remnants of the disease and have left some organs paralyzed or suffering from some chronic disease that comes with them throughout their lives.

Some simple or moderate risk factors, such as loss of sense of smell and taste and joint pain, have long been associated with some recovering from the disease, making the effects of varying degrees of severity the focus of the study. Currently many international studies.

Al-Awni stressed that the vaccine is the only solution to avoid the dangerous remnants of Govit-19 disease, especially as it has the potential to alleviate symptoms during infection and to boost the body’s immune system to protect against future infections. The virus recalls that the combined protection of the vaccine nationally controls 80% of the spread of the virus. The virus controls the health condition of his choice.

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