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Persia meteor showers in the skies of Saudi Arabia until August 24

Persia meteor showers in the skies of Saudi Arabia until August 24

Riyadh – Muhammad Abdullah – President of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Engineer Majeed Abu Zahra, said the sky Saudi Arabia The Arab region is currently seeing the best meteor shower (Pershaviat) in 2021.

The head of the Jetta astronomer told al-Arabiya that the Perseid meteorite is active from the nights of August 17 to 24 and is the source of the annual Perseid meteorite through the comet’s debris (Swift Total).

He explained that Perseus, like Jupiter or Venus, produces very bright meteorites (fireballs) and that no comet can produce a meteorite like Swift-Total due to its massive nucleus, which is 26 kilometers in diameter. Breaks into large pieces.

Abu Zahra pointed out that the Pershavia meteorite can be observed from a dark place by city lights and with a wide view of the sky to get the best results, one can start seeing the Pershavia meteorite after 10 pm Saudi time. Observing the eastern horizon, the meteor will rise after midnight.

Regarding the reason for calling it Bursides, Jeddah’s chief astronomer said it knew that there was no relationship between its apparent haste in front of the stars (Parshawish), the Pershawish meteorite and the group of Parshawish stars. It is a regulation of the sky in our view of the earth.

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