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Peugeot unveils its new 100% connected electric bikes


Peugeot Cycles, a manufacturing division specializing in urban mobility, has unveiled its next line of electric-assisted bicycles, which will arrive by June 2023. Targeted at families and professionals, all three models are equipped with the latest connected technologies.

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have started commercializing electric bicycles. In this market, Peugeot is a significant leader. Being in the industry since 2009, the Lion brand benefits from 140 years of experience in bicycle manufacturing.

In 2021, the manufacturer hit hard with the launch of the eCO1, an excellent electric bike with an autonomy of 120 km, more than most competitors. The eCO1, on the other hand, doesn’t come range-bound, priced at $2,099 for the entry-level and $3,199 for the best-equipped model.

But it looks like Peugeot is all set to make a comeback with a new range of electric bikes from the end of 2023. In fact, Peugeot Cycles, the brand’s urban mobility division, is preparing a presentation of three upcoming models. year.

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Peugeot announces latest electric bike technology

According to the manufacturer, the innovative VAE will benefit from “the best in connected technology”, starting with a new dedicated smartphone app. Thanks to this, users can enjoy:

  • Adaptive electric assist
  • Anti-theft system
  • warning
  • Bike Geolocation
  • Real time navigation
  • Destination weather forecast
  • Detailed route statistics

The range targets all types of users from urban commuters to large families and professionals. To do this, it will have the following:

  • A city bike with belt drive and hydraulic disc brakes
  • A “long tail” cargo bike, that is, a bike with an extended rear to accommodate two children or a larger load.
  • A “double-carrier” cargo bike, that is, a bicycle with a longer wheelbase at the front and a larger body mounted to accommodate three children or more loads.

At the moment, Peugeot is yet to share the prices or all the technical specifications of its bikes. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to find out more.

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