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Mistakes when charging your phone..avoid them


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Your phone is new but after a while you notice that its battery is swollen or not charging or it charges quickly and drains quickly.

We present you with a collection of mistakes that you should avoid while charging your phones.

1. Wait until the battery is fully discharged:

This is not healthy as waiting until the battery is fully discharged before charging can harm your smartphone.
While we willingly wait for the phone to completely turn off due to battery, this is a big mistake
This reduces battery life.

2. Recharge the phone when the battery shows 50% of its capacity:

In fact, when you open a new smartphone for the first time, you must have noticed that it shows about 40% battery capacity, when the battery is at this level, it works well. When the charge rate exceeds 40 or 50 percent, the cells are easily damaged.

It is better to wait until the battery reaches 20 or 30% before charging.

3. Using any type of charger:

You surely know that it is necessary to use the original charger that comes with your smartphone to carry out the charging process,

Of course, we highly recommend that you charge the phone using the original charger, but this is not mandatory, you can use other types of chargers, but they must be compatible with the specifications of the original charger and respect the voltage measurement ( amperage), otherwise your battery will be at risk of many problems.

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4. Charging from laptop:

If it is acceptable to use a charger that matches the specifications of the original charger, there is another behavior you should avoid, which is charging from a laptop.

5. Using the smartphone while charging:

As we have said, exposure of the battery to high temperatures (charchaf) leads to a decrease in the performance of the battery and other components.

It is best to leave your smartphone safely charged and its components adequately rested, and not to charge the phone near sunlight as this may increase exposure to heat.

6. Charging the phone to 100%:

It does not pose a great danger, but we advise you to stay away from it, because generally, the cells in the battery are in the best condition in 80%, for example, in the remaining 20%, the cells are exposed to damage and stress.

Finally, the process of charging a smartphone is an intuitive and routine process for many people, but it is very important for the longevity of the battery and the smartphone.

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