January 31, 2023

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Discovery of the "hidden" mathematical rule governing the Earth, the Arabian deserts, and parts of space

Discovery of the “hidden” mathematical rule governing the Earth, the Arabian deserts, and parts of space

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Scientists have from time to time discovered that the interactions between objects or objects in nature are not entirely coincidental, as has been observed by recent research, which indicates that there is a hidden mathematical law governing parts of the earth and space.

The wind causes layers of sand and dust to move over the surface of the earth, where these sands also take the form of waves, which we see in many Arabian deserts, giving the desert an enchanting view.

These sand waves are called “neem signs” or “megaripples” in Arabic, sometimes up to 30 cm to several meters in length, and usually spread over regular beaches along the oceans and sand dunes in the desert. Scientists found them on Mars or other planets known as the Land of the Arabs on Mars.

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Regardless of the size of these waves or dunes, but the main feature of these waves is the size of the grains involved, because scientists have observed sand particles on the surface of the waves and scatter over the soft area.

Researchers have now discovered an amazing mathematical advantage for sand atoms, especially large ones, which have been confirmed by researchers to “divide the diameter of the coarse grains in the mixture by the diameter of the smaller grains in the sand, always equal to the number”. , Something that has not been noticed by decades of research. “

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The authors of the published study concluded Magazine of Nature Communications Scientific Reports In the future, this number could be used to classify different types of ripples and any specific grain exchanges that make up such ripples.

“We have found that the unique signature of grain-sized transportation is encoded in the grain-sized distributions (GST), which are formed in conjunction with neurotransmitters (megaripples). The collection of original and literary data effectively establishes the accuracy and strength of theoretical predictions.

From the results of scientific research

When the wind blows through the sand, the thin grains kick the coarse grains and travel at different speeds, forming massive rings (waves) as the coarse grains collect at the ridges of the ripples. Tanks.

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What differentiates dunes or large waves is that they are more brittle than small sand waves, and larger dunes are more likely to change the shape of the wind. .

“This would be an important step in using the prevailing atmospheric conditions to explain the origin and migration of terrestrial and extraterrestrial sand waves.

Katrina Thulin

A theoretical physicist at the University of Leipzig

According to the published article In the journal “sciencealert” Scientifically, these findings apply to space, and may help scientists understand how giant rings form on planets such as Mars and what kind of atmospheric conditions are needed to cause these phenomena.
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