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Pinky Ring History and Secrets of Pinky Rings


A pinky ring is an expressive form of expression of individuality and carries a special symbol that expresses the personality of its owner. He also points to her high self-confidence, in addition to her cheerful spirit and flexibility in dealing with others. However, the pink ring has meanings and symbols rooted in history. Together we explore the secrets of this design, and it became one of the most popular.

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Signature pieces

Rings reserved for pinkies carry an age-old heritage accented with jewels studded with precious stones.

Brief history

The history of the pinky ring with the name signet ring dates back to 3500 BC. Archaeological excavations have revealed its presence in Mesopotamia, known today as Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey and Syria. Men at that time carried it on a chain around their necks as a seal with their names, and used it to seal important documents for approval. The ancient Egyptians adopted this signature system and improved upon it by turning necklaces engraved with the person’s name into hand rings. With the advancement of silver industry and stone carving, the ring changed from chain to pinky. These rings were considered a sign of wealth and were engraved with meaningful symbols, family mottos or personal symbols. Pink rings have been used for centuries to mark the status of people such as rulers and heads of noble families. Important documents were signed using wax seals or clay seals. To prevent any fraud, the rings were destroyed upon the death of the owner. This European royal tradition of wearing pinky rings continues to this day, and King Charles III is known to wear them frequently.

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