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Pity international indifference… Le Monde: Netanyahu's never-ending war in Gaza | political news


The indifference of international authorities to the ongoing carnage in Gaza has allowed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to impose a permanent state of war and ignore the fate that awaits the Palestinian Authority after the conflict, Le Monde newspaper said. World peace follows the deadly attack on the refugee camp on December 24.

In its editorial, the newspaper noted that no one discussed the scale of the human toll resulting from this ongoing carnage, and so this guilt-ridden indifference, if not blind support for the ongoing destruction, enables Netanyahu to declare the intensity of the fighting. “It's going to be a long battle, and there's no end in sight,” promise.

This matter can go on – as the newspaper says – until the US is satisfied with the arrival of a small aid to the Palestinians, who are drowning in dire poverty and dying at any moment from the bombs that Israel delivers as its message. According to a recent Security Council resolution.

It appears to Le Monde that the Israeli prime minister today plays on his public opinion's thirst for revenge and believes that the perpetual state of war he is trying to maintain can give him a lifeline. The calculation and task of a potential inquiry team aimed at determining responsibilities in the Israeli chain of command and responsibility for the failure to anticipate the Al-Aqsa flood operation.

The newspaper said prolonging the fighting gives peace about the fate that awaits Gaza after the war, and allows Netanyahu to avoid grudges about the return of the Palestinian Authority to the Gaza Strip, which would require reopening an embassy. process.

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However, the Israeli massacres and indiscriminate bombing that killed thousands of Palestinians demonstrated the urgency to start this process, so Washington and Paris should not accept this endless war and beg for a two-state solution. His country.

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