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The “Teachers” program promotes nationalization of the private education sector in 4 stages


The Ministries of Human Resources and Immigration, the Ministry of Education and the United Arab Emirates Council for Talent Competition (NAFES) launched the “Teachers” program to create a workforce in the education sector, add training and specialized programs that job seekers need in the labor market, and accredited professional licensing programs to work in the private education sector. Eligibility and improving the education process is one of the priority sectors of the UAE government.

The program targets 1,000 citizens annually starting in 2024 and 4,000 citizens by 2027 to work in the private education sector at four levels: administrative and school occupations and academic occupations that include Arabic language and Islamic education teachers. , social studies and national education in addition to kindergarten teachers. Children, Primary Stages, Special Educational Needs, Educational Guidance and Counseling Professionals and Educational Leadership Professions.

The program targets citizens with bachelor's degrees for teaching and school professions, and programs for high school holders for administrative and support professions.

The program contributes to the achievement of the annual Emiratization goals of the private education sector by concluding employment contracts with program members or assigned employment contracts to citizens.

Khanam Al Mazrouei, Secretary General of the Emirates Competitiveness Council, said, “Our mission today is to ensure that citizens who want to join the education sector are equipped to lead the next generation of successful, talented teachers. Education is a noble and influential profession, and our country is proud of its leading educational institutions, both in the public and private sectors. The private education sector is proud to have differentiated curricula and superior facilities and institutions. Therefore, we are working to encourage citizens to join this sector and we invite them to join the (Teachers) program for the development of education sector staff within the framework of (Nafis) program and we assure them. It will equip them with the knowledge they need to build human beings and is part of the nation's journey to strengthen a pioneer and renowned education sector.

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For her part, Ayesha Belharfia, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration Affairs, said: “We look forward to the program achieving its desired goals and providing a qualified and distinguished team to the country's education sector. Citizen teachers whom we see as future builders, because they instill our values, ideas and ambitions in a generation.”future”.

In this regard, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education for Education Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Al-Mualla said: “We fully believe that this project will be a turning point for deserving citizens by providing citizens who want to work in the private education sector. They can join the private sector with the training and expertise needed in the labor market.” Private education and effective contribution to envisioning the desired future.”

In order to implement this program to the highest standards, the Emirates Council for Competitiveness (NAFES) has concluded five MoUs: in addition to Colleges of Higher Technology, UAE University, University of Sharjah, Sharjah Academy of Education, Emirates College for Educational Development. These MoUs aim to enhance cooperation and coordination to implement linkage and development programs for administrative professions, teaching professions and school professions to support the country's education sector. NAFES” program, and enhance the competitiveness of Emirati workforce and promote sustainable career opportunities for them to work in the private sector and academia. and skills needed to work in the education sector.

• The program supports the private education sector in achieving its annual Emiratisation targets.

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