April 2, 2023

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Pochettino talks about when Ramos will return to participate with Paris

Mauricio Pochettino, coach of the team Paris Saint-Germain On the return date of newcomer Sergio Ramos to participate with the team.

Pochettino talks about Ramos’ arrival

Pochettino talks about Ramos' arrival
Pochettino talks about Ramos’ arrival

Nasser al-Khalifi, chairman of the board of directors of Paris Saint-Germain, has succeeded in strengthening the team in the summer change market, making it possible for the team to compete vigorously in all competitions starting 2021, starting the new season. / 2022, especially the French League and the Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain Spain captain Sergio Ramos has announced he will sign to support the team after leaving Real Madrid at the end of his contract.

Sergio Ramos was injured before the start of the new season, and he has not played in any of the matches against Paris Saint-Germain, so many are always wondering when he will return.

Commenting on Ramos ‘return date, Pochettino told a news conference: “There is no specific date for Ramos’ recovery. He is working every day and moving forward. We are waiting for the right time to push it.”

Commenting on Ramos’ role in motivating his teammates and the team’s recent success, Pochettino responded, “Injured players do not spend the same amount of time with other players as they do not participate in team training.”

It is noteworthy that in the structure of the ninth round of the French League, Paris Saint-Germain prepares to meet its rival Renes on Sunday evening.

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