March 29, 2023

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Pochettino's days were "counted" in Paris Saint-Germain ... and Zidane was the strongest candidate

Pochettino’s days were “counted” in Paris Saint-Germain … and Zidane was the strongest candidate

The newspaper says the days of former Italian star Antonio Casano and Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino will not be long with Paris Saint-Germain.Mark“Spanish”.

The Paris Giants suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of its host, State Renez, with two goals, despite the Blue team ‘s first defeat in the French league, despite participating in its striking squad with the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, Brazilian, Neymar, and the club’s top scorer, Kylian Mbe.

According to the newspaper, that loss caused more suspicion within Pochettino’s methods and plans, within the green rectangle.

And whether he can really win the Champions League is the big dream of the management and fans of Paris Saint-Germain.

Casano said in a television statement that “Pochettino will have a short life in Paris Saint-Germain”: “Some people told me bad things about him and I heard some good rumors about him.”

He added, “He’s a great guy, but as a coach he does not have even a minute of good tactics, but rather asks players for advice on how to plan on the field.”

He continued, “I can not believe what I heard, but he has never coached big stars before, and if he continues like this, most likely (French coach) Zidane Zidane will be the next coach for Paris Saint-Germain.”
Earlier reports spoke of the French Football Confederation’s interest in Zidane taking over as coach of the “Rooster Team” after the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

Other reports have suggested that Juventus may be interested in the “old lady” of Ciso, but according to Casano, the “PSG” is likely to receive the services of a former Real Madrid coach.

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Casano adds: “When Zidane took over as Madrid’s great coach, the team was full of stars, he was able to tackle them and lead them to winning the Champions League three times in a row.”

If managing and manipulating the stars is to win the Paris Saint-Germain Champions League, according to Casano, Zidane will definitely be the man for the job.