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Epic Games seeks to compete with computer game stores


Epic Games Store is taking a small step towards more competition Toy stores More installed PCs like Steam next week through the record system called Epic Achievements.

To begin with, the epic achievements are only available in a few games including Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kana, Zombie Army 4 and Alan Wake Remaster.

Achievements are divided into four levels: Bronze (awarded when reaching 45 to 50 XP), Silver (awarded when reaching 50 to 95 XP), Gold (awarded when reaching 100 to 200 XP) and Platinum (awarded when reaching 250 experience).

Games updated to support epic achievements now show these achievements through the game’s store page and players’ libraries, where they can track their progress and see their progress toward a specific challenge.

The accumulation of experience points now does nothing but give players a sense of pride and achievement, and the company promises to add new social features and players ’rewards to focus on achievements later this year.

Epic Games Store has been technically operating for more than a year, which the company began testing as an early version of this feature, but the upcoming release confirms a comprehensive setup that includes games next week, which will allow players to experience the platform-level, like the X Store Box’s GameScore.

Legacy achievements are in the games as developer achievements only at the discretion of the developer. However, developers have the option if they want to replace existing developer achievements with epic achievements.

Epic Games Store Introduces Record Mode

The company said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of the Epic Achievements organization’s initial release, including a set of tools for developers to implement platform achievements quickly and easily.

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Over the past year, we have worked closely with some of our development partners to revive the Achievements system, and we have been working to bring these tools to more developers, so expect epic achievements to appear in your favorite games later this year. “

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