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Pokémon Go developer Niantic canceled four projects and shot more than 80 people


Pokémon Go developer Niantic canceled four projects and shot more than 80 people

Niantic tried to recreate the massive success Pokemon Co. Along with other augmented reality games for mobile, it is laying off 8 percent of its employees and canceling four plans. As I mentioned Bloomberg.

Niantic Vice President Johnny Tao said in a statement Border. “We are grateful for the contributions of those who left Nyandik and we support them in this difficult transition.

“Including this, we can focus on our most important priorities Pokemon Co. And a selection of new experiences, in addition to the Lightship platform. This increased focus, along with our strong core business, puts us in a position to address the broader economic uncertainties facing many businesses and continue to invest in the future of developed realities. “

According to BloombergIndicates that the changes are nianti cancellation Transformers: Heavy metalGame created in partnership With Do not sleep anymore Creator punch drinker, And two titles codenamed Blue Sky and Snowball. About 85 to 90 people were released.

Pokemon Co. She has It proved to be a consistent success Despite being six years old, other AR games have not been as successful. Niantic is based on recent AR games கட்டன் And this Harry Potter Ownership and Microsoft shut down Minecraft World Last year. However, Niantic still seems determined to create new games – games of its own Fantastic game Period Found in a light outputAnd this The company has announced the NBA title.

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