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Political Earthquakes After the Gaza War Abdullah al-Shanawi


Whatever the possibilities and scenarios after the war on Gaza, a return to the pre-October 7 situation is unlikely. All differ in the calculations and balances of power within the Palestinian household, the roles of power and the future of resistance groups, their programs and weights.

It is not acceptable to keep the regime as it is, and the opposition cannot be eradicated. Whatever the military results, a new page in Palestinian history will be opened.

The balance of the Arab world will differ due to the effects of interactions within its declared and undeclared structures. International approaches to the Palestinian issue may undergo fundamental shifts like earthquakes.

Introductions foretell what is to come, but it does not reveal its full truths overnight. Deep correlations may take longer or shorter before political earthquakes reach their magnitude.

This is what happened after all the armed conflicts in the 75-year Arab-Israeli conflict. After the first Palestinian war in 1948, the Nakba, the Nakba of Palestine and the Arabs, there was angry criticism: Why what happened? Where are the flaws in the systems, ideas and policies that led to the failure? Arab forces?

Following the trauma of the Nakba, Kamal Abdel Nasser, a young officer who had served as chief of staff of the Sixth Battalion in the Palestine War, returned to Cairo and re-created the Free Officers Organization and created its founding organization. Political platform on July 23, 1952.

The Nakba was one of the main drivers of wider change, which spread to the entire region.

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A massive revolutionary revolt against the colonial legacy took place, and Egypt led its Arab world, its African continent and the entire Third World. It was unimaginable after Nakba, not possible by any flying imagination, but it actually happened.

The world saw the Gaza disaster with an eye never before heard from a storyteller or historian. He communicated, suffered, proved, and the Arab world had its wounds, anger and sense of shame.

In the words of Indian President Jawaharlal Nehru: “This is the abolition of history.”

The Palestinian issue has always been central to that raging struggle over the fate of the region. In June 1967, the terrible defeat almost ended all hope for any future. The war was aimed at halting Egypt’s development program and abandoning its liberal roles.

On June 9 and 10, Egypt did not announce its surrender by popular vote. Refusing to step down, Abdel Nasser called on him to rebuild the armed forces and correct the causes of failure.

The War of Attrition, which took place between 1967 and 1970, was a complete dress rehearsal for the October 1973 War, with the first honor going to the Egyptian fighter.

New facts will play their part in determining the trends of the next day. For the first time in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Palestinian issue is gaining unprecedented political and humanitarian momentum, thanks to the alternative media and communications revolution. The shock of the gruesome images called for hundreds of thousands of protests on the streets of capitals and major cities.

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President Joe Biden’s policy has been rejected by forces in the U.S. intelligence, defense and foreign agencies as well as broad sectors in his Democratic Party, particularly African Americans and the “Jewish Voices” movement.

In the revealing words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before Western diplomats, he met at the height of the war: “This is your war, this is our war,” light against darkness, and civilization against barbarism. “This is the political and moral decline of the West.” This was a counter-revelation to the EU’s foreign policy commissioner, Joseph Borrell.

Despite the enormous sacrifices made, the most important political effect of the war on Gaza was to reclaim the Palestinian issue as an issue of national liberation as never before.

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