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Portraiture…an art that immortalises aspects from antiquity to modern times


A creative journey from the first portrait known to man, recorded and documented up to this moment by the most important Greek soldier “Themistocles”, which is considered the first painting in history, to portraits today, to illustrate the importance of portraiture in our human history, the images people take of themselves at every moment and occasion from the lens of a smart phone. are taken? How was it done? Like today, when Photoshop is manipulated on facial features, it can seem very beautiful and highly idealized to most people.


Throughout the history of the portrait and its origins, its well-known origin from a historical perspective is undoubtedly documentation, but from a technical perspective, the features took different directions as the inner expressions of the face and identity prevailed. , and criminal investigations benefited from it, we consider it essential in art to highlight the importance of science, medicine, and literature, after describing a mysterious person who committed a crime, to practice justice while drawing a face. Getting to know the external physical characteristics by getting into the essentials through expressive expressions, drawing, sculpture or photography … so the mood and character of the person appears and, therefore, his behavior reference, especially through the head and face.

There are university majors who are concerned with looking at a painted body or figure, and the art of drawing or sculpting a face is an art that creators have long considered a new creation for man, so they created imaginary self-portraits. Autobiographical personalities that interpret the self in various ways, and psychology has recently noticed this aspect through portraiture, an extension of what the ancient Arabs had. Physics, and the same goal, that is, what the sensations of the image reflect.

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As for the temporal aspect, since the Renaissance era, creativity has taken a special way of depicting portraits of a real person, and as we say today, art and its full characteristics, the image emerges from the Mona Lisa. With pearl earring, AD. In 2003 the old and colored paintings were suddenly discovered. , for the faces of the Egyptian Fayum before the era of Roman rule, and for the production of about 900 painted faces, most of which bear ambiguous questions that require interpretation, researchers are moving towards new analyzes of these faces, and to know these people and their status in society.

Also, the history of coins, the portraits of faces on one and two sides, the work executed as artwork, reveals itself and the ownership, and the world bears many names that express portraiture, and in the Emirates, plastic artist Salma Al completed full portraits of legendary people, Mari, a historical figure from the land of the Emirates, and still He lives in the conscience of the people. Faces that Express Egoism in Its Expanding Forms, No Face Similar to Another The artist Bodour al-Bodour painted a portrait of an Emirati woman wearing gold on her head and chest.

Today, the art of the lens remains, continuing to analyze the features of the interpretive snapshot with a glance and a smile. Perhaps we know the reason why some people refuse to take photographs when tired or ill, so the weak side is the telephoto lens, or the history of the portrait continues in the arts, such as painting or sculpture, whose image is inside. The reflection does not appear in the lens, and the portrait is strong in its physical, psychological and spiritual form. .

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