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The announcement of “COP28” by the Conference of the Parties, which will be held from November 30 to December 12, announced its ambitious plan for the conference, which is based on four axes that include rationality, practicality. and transition to energy, creating climate finance mechanisms and focusing efforts to adapt and improve lives and fully include everyone in the work system, ensuring the credibility of UAE-led efforts at the global level to tackle climate change. It greatly affects people, nature, food and health.

Talented officials in the UAE face global challenges with a positive attitude and innovative methods according to the vision and guidance of wise leadership, and are eager to collaborate with partners who follow similar visions, ideas and directions in climate areas. action. To achieve sustainable development and create a better future for humanity, Dr. Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, appointed President of the Conference of Parties «COP28», confirmed when he participated in the high level. The world urgently needs to increase climate finance from billions to trillions of dollars to meet the global goals on climate, biodiversity and sustainable development, the Belgian capital Brussels has said.

Continuous preparatory efforts for the “COP28” conference demonstrate the determination and perseverance of the UAE to achieve concrete achievements in this file. Therefore, ministers and senior officials are active in various international fora to make the efforts of the conference successful and achieve positives. You see them calling on countries with the financial capacity to support $100 billion in climate finance for the planet’s ills, the results of which will benefit all people living on Earth by protecting the environment and finding appropriate treatment. Supporting initiatives.

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The great movement we always see before the convention at “Expo Dubai” is good for everyone and is expected from Emirates. Confusions and changes in the ecological, economic and social systems of the world, and their consequences lead to an increase in threats related to floods, droughts and a significant rise in water temperature, so the responsibility is very great, and everyone must go positively in this urgent and humanitarian effort to save the Earth’s environment from pain. And suffering with it.

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