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President of the Arabian Horse Racing International Federation: The UAE is a pioneer in hosting races at more than 80 tracks around the world.


His Highness General Faisal Al-Rahmani, President of the International Thoroughbred Arabian Horse Racing Federation and Chairman of the State Cup Series for Arabian Horses, confirmed the organization’s preparations to host the “remaining races” of the Cup. In support of achieving the goals of the 30th edition, progress is being made in full swing.

He pointed to the remarkable success of the past rounds of the current edition, thanks to the great demand for participation in the competitions in various countries of the world and the great appreciation the international and Arab competitions have received.

Al-Rahmani said the vision of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Head of State, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Office of the President, had a decisive impact on the organizational and public success of Jewel of the Crown. His Highness’s support of the recently held Sheikh Zayed Race at the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club track, bearing a name dear to all hearts, and worth 5 million dirhams, contributes to raising the standard of purebred Arabian horses. All over the world.

The World Forum for Arabian Horse Racehorses in Abu Dhabi has recently established its position of excellence in providing integrated programs and revising development solutions, with the best experts, researchers, owners and their contributions, said the President of the International Arabian Horse Racing Federation. Breeders in providing visions that support the advancement of Arabian horses around the world.

He added: “The International Federation of Thoroughbred Arabian Horses (IFHAR) greatly appreciates the great efforts of the UAE and the support of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan to host Arabian horse races at 80 tracks around the world. Countries that have revised races and increased their numbers by more than 300%.” There is also a group of countries that have raised racing prizes and this increases the value and strength of purebred Arabian horse events.

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His Excellency Al Rahmani praised the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club Board of Directors for preparing for the new season and providing all developmental needs, which contributed to the successful running of the past races. A work structure that confirms its strong presence in the new season.

Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting and Golf Club General Supervisor of Racing Al-Rahmani, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, praised Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting and Golf Club for continuing its outstanding role in organizing good events and providing an attractive environment. To provide an opportunity to male and female citizens to develop their skills, develop their skills and practice sports activities related to Arabian horses. According to best practices.

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