March 30, 2023

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Private schools implement a weekly prepaid food menu

Private schools implement a weekly prepaid food menu

Private schools in the Northern Emirates have decided to implement a weekly prepaid meal menu for students from the fifth to the 12th, so that each student must book and pay for their favorite food menu available in the canteen at the beginning of each school week. Its value in advance.

Schools say they have decided to avoid money transfers between students and vendors in canteens, to prevent the spread of diseases and to reduce the loss of time when buying food in their spare time. Implementing a system that prevents the transfer of money between students and vendors, exposing them to the risk of infection. It also observed that a large number of students were late in buying their meals and entering class time without being able to eat their meals.

Some students offer five dirhams in exchange for buying a juice box for the canteen seller and they are unable to get the remaining amount because the seller is busy with other students or the student forgets to return it. This causes embarrassment to the school administration as a result of receiving complaints and observations from students and their families.

He pointed out that the canteen was obliged to provide food to the students and distribute it to them in the classroom, while the weekly food menu contributed to the organization of the work of the canteen and the determination of the food prepared daily.

He said since the beginning of the current academic year, food has been distributed to students during class breaks, preventing measures and wasting students’ time so as not to go into the inner square. Buying and choosing their favorite food and exchanging money with the seller and making some of them not get breakfast or eat it before the next session starts.

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After obtaining feedback from students and their families in collaboration with the school canteen, he confirmed the use of the weekly food menu system and the implementation of initiatives to address any barriers that students face in education, education or nutrition.

Failure to transfer money between students and vendors in canteens prevents the spread of diseases.

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