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Mimi Jamal’s most important statement on the Kalam El Nass show: “I loved Shakaya going to my daughters, and Mona Jockey was too quick to accept her role in Friends and No Ones.”


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Todd Al Khaleej oversees Mimi Jamal’s statement in a TV interview on the evening of February 27

Mimi Jamal: “I wanted my pity to be for my children”

Artist Mimi Jamal revealed personal details about her life and her relationship with her husband, the late artist Hassan Mustafa and her daughters.

– I was raised well, and unlike the father who raised them as they wished, the well-wisher is not afraid.

To this day, my daughters take my ear off before every action.

– I wanted my suffering to be for my children.

– I do not want a stranger to enter between them.

Mimi Jamal’s comment on audience attack on Mona Saki and the movie “Ashab Wala Aziz”

Actress Mimi Jamal talks about the audience’s objections to “Ashab Wala Aziz” and their violent attack on star Mona Saki:

– My mother denied my passport because Hassan Mustafa was already married to me and he had a daughter.

– The audience has the right to attack Mona, but it may oppose what I have provided.

I think the picture was too fast to accept.

– Mona Jackie is a great actress, every jaw has a setback.

– Mona Saki handled the film in a fashion that has not yet reached our community.

– Every country has its own traditions, and the one who accepts the land will not accept it here.

– There are so many things in this film that are unacceptable in our community, I hope we forget this and wait for Mona Saki to perform even better.

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Mimi Jamal condemns Hadi al-Baghdari’s statements

Actress Mimi Jamal, in a TV interview with director Hadi El-Baghouri, recently spoke about her lack of objection to scenes like kisses and provocations given to her wife artist Yasmin Rice.

– We are in an Eastern society that does not accept this thinking.

– I was very surprised by the statements of al-Baqawri.

– Yasmin Rice, after hearing her husband’s claims, was fired from him.

– We have forgotten that we are Oriental Egyptians.

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