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Procedures for requesting sick leave in Qatar from the Ministry of Health


Claiming sick leave is one of the most important services that all workers in the State of Qatar receive within their rights to medical leave and treatment at government hospitals. All necessary data to prove health status can be submitted.

Sick leave request

The steps to submit a sick leave claim in Qatar are as follows:

  • By logging in Qatar Ministry of Public Health To request sick leave, you need to select the Electronic Services icon and click on Registration and Licensing.

  • From there, log in and enter your username and password.

  • Submit the sick leave form by clicking on the pdf sick leave form on the screen.

  • Then fill all the data about the patient.

  • After that, you have to click on the leaves provided by the list to see the available diseased leaves.

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Steps to Apply from Employer on behalf of Health Practitioner

The application steps are as follows:

  • You must log in Qatar Ministry of Health website

  • Then choose to click on the Registration and Licensing Settings icon.

  • In them, he has to login and enter his username, in the list, he has to click on “Create and submit application” icon and “Log out on behalf of health practitioner” icon.

  • Select the Health Practitioner, issue the license, enter the required information and click on submit application.

  • Finally, it is printed by clicking on the leave icon from the provided leave list, then select the patient name from it and then click on print report.

Qatar Labor Law

Sick leave request

The most important information about labor law and workers’ rights to sick leave in the State of Qatar:

  • Every worker in Qatar is entitled to paid sick leave and works in Qatar for approximately 6 months continuously.

  • It is necessary to submit a certificate from a licensed physician to prove the illness, along with two weeks of sick leave with full pay.

  • After the first period of leave, those receiving half pay for approximately 4 additional weeks.

  • If the leave lasts longer, it will remain unpaid and the employer may terminate the employee’s service during the twelfth week of leave.

  • If it is proved that the worker is no longer able to work and he decides to resign due to illness with the doctor’s approval, he can claim his remaining rights.

  • Also, sick leave does not affect employees’ rights to bonus.

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Does medical report count as sick leave?

Yes, medical reports are one of the most important documents for licensing and must be approved by government centers or hospitals.

Does the manager have the right to refuse sick leave?

No employer has the right to refuse any sick leave granted by hospitals.

Does sick leave affect the employee?

It does not affect the rights of workers.

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