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Turkish series “Yakamuz S-245” … living under the sea


Played a significant role in the recording series (Netflix).

The events of the Turkish series “Yakamuz S-245”, which was shown a few days ago, take place on the stage of “Yakamuz S-245”.NetflixInside a military submarine, its name was adapted from the novel “The Old Exploit” by Turkish novelist Yassic Duke.
Classified under series type Science fiction And disasters. Incirlik Airport finds an unusual phenomenon that causes an imbalance in the Sun’s magnetic field, which explodes and kills all life on Earth. The idea seems very traditional. Survival, forced captivity, find a way; All products are inspired by Hollywood works. But, is calculatedFor Turkish drama She ventured out of the usual context of presenting social and romantic works and dared to invent different works.
The story continues through two axes, which intersect with the sequence of events; First, the protagonist of the story, Armand (Kivank Dodlitak), along with a team of submarine maker and diving expert, biologists and marine experts, is buried with the hero’s ex – friend Arin (Osage Osperenci). On a secret voyage in search of a rare coral found in the depths of the ocean. This coral is protected by international treaties and maritime laws. Therefore, it is necessary to cover up the task motivated by the discovery of a fossil oil well in the depths of the ocean, which was funded by the company “Yenelek”, which is owned by the hero’s father, Achilles Kaye. The second axis was represented by the submarine “Yakamos”NATOIn a training session, you will meet the task after the disaster.

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The meeting of the submarine crew and crew and their sharing of a vehicle opens the door to many decisions that lead to hidden questions from the main characters and their relationships. Disaster, by its very nature, triggers anxiety and fear. And it is a matter of causing public tension in the company of the military. It is a structure that allows you to create a nervous atmosphere, which is well used to spread the threads of the story and create its conflicts. The scene focuses on the events on the submarine and the course of its passengers. The outside world has a small role to play in broadening the story’s trajectory, most importantly its role in breaking the grip on the viewer’s view and the psychology of the characters fighting each other in a closed vehicle, traveling in deep water. Sunrise until sunset. Landing, its dramatic justification aims to create a better place to absorb cosmic shock, but the weakness of the data needed to scientifically justify its occurrence and fail to invest in strategies and visual effects. Suspense, excitement and communication contributed to the disillusionment with the chaos associated with the moment of the major event disaster. Some scenes, like burning cars and corpses filling the roads, are not without imaginary meanings, such as scenes framed with close-up and middle scenes, within a cadre.
Music has a good role to play in breaking down the moments of boredom and monopoly imposed by such texts on the general frame of the film, and it would have been possible to help Monta processes the rhythm, with skill and flexibility. It works very smoothly between clips and events, thus breaking the huge barrier on it.
The crises faced by the heroes working inside the vehicle, well-invested and made connections between the characters to introduce themselves, their harassment and behaviors; Revenge, hatred and technical accidents. The conflict culminated when the food was running out.

In the face of this sudden destiny of mankind the need for food is a matter of life and death. Such a crisis, in one context, is capable of organizing and coordinating things to create a struggle for survival and influence between the authorities and the public, while revealing the mysteries of the mission entrusted to him after the death of the submarine captain Arinoy Yilmas. . Thus, the submarine’s encounter with the team of scientists was not entirely coincidental, but a joint operation by NATO forces to rescue his son, Achilles Kaye, a wealthy businessman and team of scientists. Accompanying him, he brought them to one of the Indian islands where he had taken refuge.

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