March 27, 2023

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Protest in Baghdad against Mohammedan Ramadan concert

Protest in Baghdad against Mohammedan Ramadan concert

Dozens of Iraqis protest in Baghdad against a concert by Egyptian artist Mohammed Ramadan in the Iraqi capital.

The “Russia Today” website accused the government of chanting slogans condemning the Ramadan party and calling for an end to what they described as “immorality and immorality”.

The protesters raised religious slogans and threatened to pursue the patrons of such parties.

Jaber al-Ibrahimi, a well-known Shiite cleric in Iraq, launched a vicious attack on Ramadan last week in Baghdad over his last concert. Skin.

On the other hand, Mohammed Ramadan mocked the criticism leveled at him after he appeared in a television interview with an Iraqi channel while smoking a hookah.

Ramadan released an excerpt from an interview he gave to the attack on “Instagram” and commented: “I was thinking about hookah in the TV crowd, and it makes me hear the sound of words.”

Appearing with the announcer during the Ramadan TV interview “Shisha” caught and smoking during the conversation provoked widespread criticism, noting that the Egyptian star did not show any concern or respect for the audience, especially the children.

At the meeting, Mohammed Ramadan confirmed that “his ambition is to have a home in Iraq as well, as he has his own home in the Emirates, Egypt and other countries, regardless of immigration to the Iraqi capital Baghdad.” He “sometimes tries to own a house to live in in Baghdad.”

The series of Ramadan provocations for Iraqis did not stop there, after he released pictures with the pilots of the plane that flew to Iraq, recalling his crisis with Egyptian pilot Ashraf Abu al-Yusr. Abu al-Yusra was fired, and then he died due to grief and persecution for resolving it because of Mohammed Ramadan.

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