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Proverbs of the Stage.. Meaning and Benefits of Knowing It


Stage jurisprudence is a compound phrase from the word jurisprudence and the word stage. This system is an additional structure, meaning that the Judiciary interprets its rules and all other relevant texts, rules, legal intentions, judicial fatwas and Islamic rulings.

And Jurisprudence – as it is known – is the knowledge of Islam’s rulings on life issues and human affairs. Scholars have defined it as the knowledge of what is obligatory, prescribed, prohibited, disliked, permitted, and permitted. They also defined it as “knowledge of practical legal judgments derived from their extensive evidence”. (The Kuwaiti Encyclopedia of Fiqh, 32/193)

As for the stage, it is especially the current period in which we are living in our country, in which the elements, characteristics, challenges, possibilities, fluctuations and conflicts and politics, what results and achievements in governance lead to development, society, education and security, and whether these results are positive, unique or negative. May be. All this is connected with the degree of skill of those involved, in managing the stage with precision and knowing, Almighty God forbid, all that hinders achievement and disturbs the path.

One of the most important characteristics of this state is that it is an intermediate, exceptional, difficult, complicated and complicated state, and it witnesses confusion and chaos in the general situation and the functioning of society, as well as an ideal situation. Freedom, pluralism and diversity in different forms, locations and levels.

Accordingly, the jurisprudence of the platform is the knowledge of all the elements, characteristics, challenges and possibilities of this stage and the rulings in the categories of knowledge of these rulings: texts, rules, legal purposes, Islamic positions, juridical fatwas and ijtihadi approaches directly or indirectly related to the platform.

Our current status is counted from the total stages of time and life, so its legal rulings and Islamic guidance are related to the quality of sound reasoning, diligence, understanding and consideration and the possibility of download and implementation.

Aran’s Proverbs is the fruit of knowledge

Knowledge of platform justice has theoretical, practical, social, humanitarian, educational, advocacy and media benefits and these benefits include:

  • Knowing that it is forbidden to divide people and destroy institutions in the judgments of the Sharia-Islamic building platform to guarantee its conduct and discipline in accordance with the guidance and ethics of Islam. He seeks to adhere to his religion and jurisprudence by spreading falsehoods and falsehoods, abandoning those prohibitions, warning against them, and trying to prevent them. And prevents its causes and owners. This system of Islamic law will be an important reference law in guiding the people to do what is best in the course of the revolution and to achieve its goals.
  • The validity of Islam and the excellence of its texts and revelations create a framework to guide the society, create the platform and ensure that without Islam there is no era with its telling and guidance and is not devoid of goodness. A middle country is a country that is pro-people, just, honest, and worthy. Our current status is counted from the totality of times and stages of life, so its legal rulings and Islamic injunctions are related to the quality of sound reasoning, diligence, understanding and consideration and the possibility of download and implementation.
  • Achieving a high level of agreement and compatibility among workers in the Islamic scene based on reference to the Book and Sunnah and systematic scientific objectives, rules and constants.
  • Gathering values ​​from understanding the religion, understanding the texts, reading the rulings, implementing the rules, understanding the reality and observing the necessary conditions, restrictions and requirements. So this is His grace, blessing, reward and influence, and He is reckoned in good deeds, ongoing donations, transgressive closeness and residual effects. Therefore, committing oneself to this understanding of its balance and equilibrium is considered an act of revolution and the main movement of its movements, apart from worship and conformity, it is based on its good intentions and the correctness of its performance.
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