June 2, 2023

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Watch the explosion of a loud scandal that tarnishes the reputation of Algerian champions Senegal national team.

Algerian journalist Djamel Rachidi, on Saturday evening, when he was a guest on the program “I say a balloon” on the Al-Bilad channel, a loud scandal, in which the Senegalese national team was the champion of the African continent. A younger type.

“Senior” journalist Jamal Rachidi has revealed that the Senegal national team competed with players of the wrong age group in the final of the Algeria 2023 Cup of African Nations “Cannes” under the age of 17.

The guest of the program “Ahki Balloon” confirmed, according to Algerian sources from within the football academies in Senegal, the “Lions of Taranga” battalion has more than 05 players in the junior division, whose age exceeds 17. years.

The Algerian journalist went further and said that the Senegal national team consists of 05 or 06 players who are not 17 years old, but 20 years old.

Jamal Rashidi said that many people in Senegal laugh when they ask that Thalapathy Amara is only 17 years old, but he is still only 14 years and 9 months old.

According to the Algerian journalist, the matter of falsifying the age of players is not limited to Senegal, which became very evident in their match against the Congolese national team, confirming the involvement of the Confederation of African Football in the scandal.

Rushdie indicated that he was aware of the “Gaff” scandal, which covered it up and allowed teams other than Senegal to field players over the age of 17, while it excluded the South Sudan national team.

The spokesman added that the Sudanese national team was excluded by “Kaf” to show everyone every big and small thing related to the magnetic resonance imaging examinations for the players participating in “Cannes” Algeria.

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After the Algerian national team fell 3-0 against Senegal, Rashidi confirmed receiving the leaks and told the technical directorate of the “FAF” authority.

Officials from the Algerian Football Federation’s technical directorate assured that as the matter was related to “inadequate” capacity, they could not do anything and it was too late to act.

The Senegal national team won the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations for Juniors in Algeria on Friday evening, overcoming a delay to win in the final of the tournament. Morocco national team.