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Microsoft announced a comprehensive set of new accessibility features for the Xbox during its latest Xbox Access Showcase.

Full Show 40 minutes Interviews with developers and player intelligence on a wide range of access issues are noteworthy, but the newly announced features will be coming to Xbox sooner and longer.

Initially, the Microsoft Store for Xbox will get a new access panel in every game menu, which is designed to quickly identify which topics have which access features and what those features are. To get started, 20 access points will be supported – such as the described game menus, input reset and single-stick game – and developers will introduce a specific criterion to ensure a quality standard for each feature.

Microsoft plans to change these early flags in the Xbox Accessibility Insiders League entries to gain access to the new feature starting today. In the coming months, tags will be added to PC, Xbox GamePass Wizards and Xbox Wizard on Xbox.com.

Xbox Access Offer – October 2021.

Additionally, the Easy Access section of the Xbox console menu will be renamed Access to find and use its features, and a new Access Spotlight page will be added to the Xbox in the Microsoft Store. Symptoms, games, and disability are recognized by the community and / or demonstrate innovative access skills.

There are also quick settings – to quickly change accessibility features without leaving a game or app, and to quickly adapt features to better accommodate users with different access needs – Advanced Color Filters for Series X / S. The latter will help people Color Blind to explore old current games and old Xbox titles that were previously inaccessible with bad color or see colors. Filters can be used worldwide and affect all games, movies, apps and menus.

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As previously announced, the new system-wide planned nighttime display feature will also “help” on Xbox consoles. [users] Support players with better night’s sleep and sensitivity to light.

Globalized text-to-text and text-to-speech dialog systems will be introduced in the coming weeks, while better connectivity and reduced latency across devices are now included in the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller.

With an overview of the access features that come with Hollow Infinite, you can see all the details above. Microsoft’s latest blog post.

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