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Psychiatric activities and programs to break social isolation at the University of Abu Dhabi


The University of Abu Dhabi has launched various activities and programs through the Department of Student Affairs to bring back to university life and integrate new students. Experience helping to improve their management and technical skills and leadership.

4 precautionary restrictions for activities

The Department of Student Affairs offers a mix of activities for this semester, as it maintains the organization of some training workshops and events remotely, taking into account some cultural, recreational and sporting activities and competitions within the university campus. Precautionary measures recommended by the authorities regarding “Govt-19”.

The Department of Student Affairs developed a special protocol for organizing events and activities on campus, in collaboration with the Department of Business and Facility Support, based on standards set by competent authorities, thereby focusing on minimizing internal competence. Facilities up to 50% of their normal size to maintain the physical distance as much as possible occur during its setup.

The path to success in university activities

Rachel Baldwin, Director of Student Affairs at the University of Abu Dhabi, explained that the active participation of students in all student bodies, sports activities and professional development activities has led to the existence of a path that helps students achieve success. The Department of the University of Abu Dhabi is responsible for establishing and improving this route. He expressed his happiness in sharing this success with the students after the completion of the distance education period.

He said, “Corona Epidemiology University has proven to be a unique case of direct assistance to the needs of students. We have taken all necessary precautionary measures to welcome students to all Abu Dhabi universities. Campuses .. to emphasize the importance of university life during student travel.

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Mental health program

“Govit-19” offers student affairs counseling services and a mental health program that primarily help university students cope with negative psychological effects, such as how to create protection factors from infection and negative effects.

And Nariman Nazi, a senior counselor and mentor, said the services, especially the mental health program for university students, helped a large group of young people overcome the fear and anxiety caused by the “Govit-19” epidemic. Giving them the opportunity to organize their time and develop their reading ability in order to break down the barriers of social isolation.

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