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Psychological quality of life of children is enhanced by intensifying social awareness – health reporting – mental health


Mental health is a basic need of every member of society, but it is important to note that the mental health of children and young people is important due to the importance of their age levels. Doctors stressed that many children point to the dangers of spending too much time playing electronic games in front of them. Exposes them to addiction.

They pointed out the need to monitor children’s behavior and do not underestimate any symptoms such as stuttering, involuntary urination, fear of the environment or motivation, and improving sleep, play and diet can greatly help treat mentally ill people – especially children.

Dr. Hamid Al Haj, a consultant psychiatrist at the University Hospital in Sharjah, stressed that stress and anxiety are the most important mental illnesses, along with the causes of depression, autism, autism and inattention, and mental illness. Affected children are multifaceted in addition to neurotransmitters, including genetic or genetic, and environmental factors include psychological environmental stresses and difficulties faced by humans and how to modify them.

Al-Hajj, electronic games have become commonplace, children spend a lot of time in front of them, which leads to their addiction endangering them, it triggers neurotransmitters associated with drugs that do not allow our children to access, leaving us to spend long time with them on smart devices, it leads to their injury.

Dr. Al-Hajj pointed out that psychotherapy involves cognitive behavioral therapy, which aims to improve the quality of life of the mentally ill, and that improving sleep, sports and diet can greatly help mentally ill patients – especially children – in addition to medication. Varies according to the disease.

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Natural evolution
According to Dr. Ghanem al-Hasani, a psychiatrist, “Experiencing mental health in childhood is when a person develops natural social skills in intellectual and emotional development and learns how to deal with problems in a healthy way.” Can.

He added: “Mental disorders in children are often described as drastic changes in the way children learn, act or deal with their emotions, causing distress and problems that they experience during the day, and many children suffer from occasional fears and anxiety or behavioral disorders. Or interfering with sports activities can cause a child to be diagnosed with a mental disorder. The most common mental disorders diagnosed in childhood are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and behavioral disorders. There may be difficulties in how he handles his emotions.The symptoms often start in childhood.

In turn, Dr. Naima Abdullatif Qasem, an educational consultant, said there is still widespread ignorance between physical and mental illnesses about knowing the exact details about them, and this confirms that many mothers rush to the nearest doctor. High temperature, which is normal and necessary, but catastrophic only when she sees her child in isolation, she is not active or in contact with her children’s community. She praises God that her child is quiet. He needs to rid himself of internal disturbances that will settle his sleep and thinking and negatively affect his personality, education and behavior. It is difficult to treat when it is found late.

Dr. Naima Cassem said: “There are those who are ashamed to see a psychiatrist. Most people see him for those who have lost cause and merit. It is a shame to see him, it may affect the reputation of their children. “

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He added: “No matter what psychiatrists treat me without removing the specific causes, it will not work. Parents and educators have the keys to the secrets and treatment in their hands. Technology is our home.We play a major role in calming our children and absorbing fear from their souls, calming their emotions and adjusting their behavior.

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