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Family Medicine Conference discusses mental health and men’s diseases


The eighth session of the International Conference and Exhibition on Family Medicine, on its second day, discussed a number of topics related to medical care and family medicine, the most important of which are mental health and men’s diseases and health.

Experts and specialists attending the conference’s science sessions – currently taking place at the World Trade Center in Dubai – underscore the importance of increasing awareness of health problems affecting men and the importance of early detection and early detection – by 2020, 12.5% ​​of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer – the second most common type of cancer in the world. Highlights.

The conference sessions will focus on topics such as mental health on its second day, which is the most common mental illness worldwide, affecting 284 million people worldwide.

Sessions Participants Mental illness affects 11.9% of women and 9.3% of men worldwide, while 792 million people suffer from mental disorders and illnesses, which is equivalent to one in ten worldwide and 10.7%.

The International Conference on Family Medicine seeks to encourage patients to pursue appropriate treatment as the outbreak of the “corona” virus has led to an increase in depression, anxiety, disorders and other mental illnesses around the world, and many have struggled with the virus in their daily lives, including travel restrictions, long-distance work and physical distance rules. In line with the changes in life, the demand for mental health services has increased in the last two years and the impact of mental health problems on adults, children and adolescents.

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Dr. Nasser Al-Hindi, Consultant Psychiatrist, said the conference, which integrates various disciplines in medicine, sheds light on the latest developments in the field of medicine, which differs from other conferences.

In parallel to the conference, an exhibition will be held, which will showcase many of the latest technologies, advanced solutions and services provided by 17 major specialist businesses. (Left)

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