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Pushra’s latest song “One Need” (Video) | News


Today, artist Pushra released his latest song “One Need” on the popular YouTube video site.

“One Haga”, written and composed by Ahmed Al Brazilian, was arranged by Elhami Tehima and directed by Mahmoud Rashad.

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The artist, Pushra, decided to welcome the 2022 New Year in a different context.

Pushra shared his photos with his fans, enjoyed the snow, and wrote “The last hours of 2021” without revealing his location.

It is noteworthy that Pushra returns to cinema by participating in the film “His Excellency Mama” with a group of young people including Mahmoud El-Laidi and Noor Ihab, who is famous in Soli, Salim Al-Durk. Baby Yasin, son of the late artist Kinwa, Angam’s sister, and Sami Magawri, and many stars including Noor Khatri, Ala Morsi, Hosam Dakar, Muhammad Ali Risk, Sharif Bahar, Taher Abu Laila, Ismail Sharaf, Doa. Rahab, and many rising stars including Reham Al Shanwani and Raqat Jalal.

The events of “His Excellency Mama” take place in a humorous social structure through the relationship of the mother with the children, in light of the other responsibilities around her. It is directed by Ahmed Noor and co-produced by Amjad Badr. Nancy Youssef.

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