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Unlike the movie “Don’t Look Up”, how do scientists monitor space threats to protect the Earth? | Science


Don’t Look Above is an American black comedy film written and directed by Adam McKay and starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, a global star. They are embarking on a global mission to warn humanity of an asteroid. Will destroy the planet.

The film caused a stir, and began to hit theaters on December 10 last year – with a number of influential scientific issues threatening the survival of mankind.

And advise you A statement If you want a loud, good and harsh laugh when you think of catastrophic events such as the destruction of civilization, the extinction of all living things and the death of entire terrestrial life, watch it published on Time magazine’s popular American website.

The story of the film

While filming routine telescopes in search of a supernova, doctoral student Kate Dibaski (Jennifer Lawrence) discovered the 9-kilometer-wide comet, making the film’s introduction wide, believable and utterly terrifying.

But its supervisor, Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), explores the track numbers and decides that the comet Dipasque – the same size as the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago – will stop hitting Earth in 6 months and 14 days. .

They report the news to the corrupt tycoon Orlean (Meryl Streep), his spoiled son and the chief executive, but they do not care. After the White House refused to intervene, astronomers shifted their case to the morning television show, but they could. Get their message through the hosts ’constant talk and the audience responds in parts, with the same amount of denial, conspiracy-hysteria and memes declaring Dipaseki insane, while the head of a tech company is worried, where he is luring the president. Make money in anticipation of the precious metals in the comet.

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But for the planet and all life on it, time flies and exceptional decisions must be made; Absurd and manipulative decisions that manipulate humanity.

Shooting death from space, climate change is a slow global poison, the end result is one (Getty Images)

How do scientists actually monitor space threats?

Dont look up is widely seen as the story of climate change, while the delay, the debate and the politicization of the issue of a simple life or death prevent the world from taking the right action.

According to a report in “Time” magazine, a strike from space is a shooting death, while climate change is a slow global poison, but in the end the effect is the same.

The key solutions to climate change are now well known, including the transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy sources and others increasingly caused by global warming. It is a long-term planetary treatment rather than a rapid treatment.

NASA, on the other hand, already has a “Planetary Defense Coordination Office” (PDCO) whose mission is to explore the sky to detect and classify threats to space rocks long before they reach Earth.

In the case of comets, there is only so much time to mobilize for protection. Depending on the size of the comet, the six months to star in the film Do Not See the World is not far from reality.

“Once it’s done, it will alert us for decades and give us time to use whatever technology is available,” said Lindley Johnson, NASA’s planetary defense officer who censored the film’s initial script.

Amy Mincer, a professor of planetary science and consultant at the University of Arizona, says: “You count the numbers from an auxiliary point of view … 140 meters was a gateway that could do a lot of damage.

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What an asteroid or comet on the edge of our planet does is a completely different matter (Getty Images)

How do we really protect ourselves from a body rushing towards the earth?

Since 1998, when Congress began allocating funds to search for objects close to Earth, what would make an asteroid or comet large enough to orbit our planet would be a completely different matter, not years or years to prepare the Earth. Months.

Destroying it with explosives – even nuclear power – is not on the list of options if time is short. But it can cause other problems because the giant rocks do not evaporate, but become smaller rocks.

“It’s hard to predict where all these pieces are going, and it’s hard to make sure you’ve broken them into smaller pieces that the Earth’s atmosphere can handle,” Johnson says.

Asteroids that give too much time to action can be tackled not by destroying them, but by diverting them, slowing down or changing their trajectory to the point of flying off Earth.

On November 24, 2021, NASA launched the DART spacecraft to test the asteroid deflection, which will try to prove that the concept works.

Key solutions to climate change are the well-known transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy sources (Getty Images)

NASA’s “suicide” spacecraft will hit the smallest asteroid in the system at a speed of 6.6 kilometers per second, which slightly changes its motion in space.

While this asteroid is not a threat to Earth, the DART mission will demonstrate that it is a viable technique for redirecting an asteroid that may threaten Earth in the future.

NASA also plans to send another spacecraft to scan the sky near our planet in 2026 to detect anything suspicious in space.

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Just like the problem of climate change, bombing planets in the crowded, quiet solar system can alleviate and solve it if you decide to take the necessary action, and in real life, you can scientifically choose from the Hollywood screen. Differently.

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