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Qara Ainaq Series, Episode 10, Hayat Al-Fahd Series, Episode 10, Ramadan 2023


Qaraat Ainaq Series, Episode 10, Tenth, Hayat Al-Fahd Series Coming in a unique comedy experience presented by Gulf cinema lady Hayat Al-Fath during the Ramadan 2023 series race by many Gulf channels in Ramadan 2023, here we are showing Qaraat Ainaq, Episode 10, Tenth Series. .

The date of the presentation of the series “Kara Ainak” is episode 10, ten

Qurrat Aynaq Episode 10, Hayat Al-Fahd, “Qaraat Aynaq” series, on “Dubai” channel, from next Thursday, starting at 07:00 PM and continuing at 5:40 PM. morning. And it comes on Kuwaiti and Saudi channels at exactly 7:30pm, while the Hayat Al-Fahd series “Qara Ainaq” will be shown on Bahrain TV – Awan platform.

“Sava” news agency offers you to watch “Kara Enak” episode 10 (Click here)

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Channels telecasting the series, Kara Ainak, Episode 10, Tenth

Dubai channel screen, sbc channel and Kuwait TV apart from MBC channel, four channels have got the rights to air the series Kara Ainaq starring Hayat Al-Fahd, episode 9, including MBC.

MBC Channel Frequency:

To watch Qara Ainak, episode 10 series, this is the frequency of MBC channel for Turkey, Levant and Gulf:

Satellite: Nilesat

Frequency: 11470

Vertical polarization

Correction factor is 5/6

MBC West Africa Channel Frequency:

Satellite: Nilesat

Frequency 11559

Polarity: Vertical

Amendment 5/6.

Frequency of MBC channel on Arabsat satellite

Region: Turkey, Levant and Gulf

Frequency 11270

Polarity: Vertical

Correction factor is 5/6.

Frequency of MBC channel on Arabsat satellite

Region: West Africa

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Frequency: 12284

Polarity: Vertical

Correction factor is 5/6

Dubai Channel’s frequency, Qara Ainaq, Episode 10, Tenth

Channel Name on Receiver: Dubai TV.

Satellite: Nilesat.

Frequency: 11785.

Index Rate: 27500.

Polarity: Vertical V

The error correction factor is 3/4.

Frequency of sbc channel, SBC Saudi Arabia

To watch the new sbc SBC Saudi Arabia 2021 channel frequency Nilesat, Arabsat or Astrasat, Qara Ainak, episode 10 and the rest of the Gulf series for Ramadan 2023.

Satellite: Nilesat

Frequency: 12149

Index Rate: 27500

The correction factor is 3/4.

Polarity: Vertical

Satellite: Arabsat

Frequency: 12015

Index Rate: 27500

The correction factor is 3/4.

Polarity: Horizontal

Satellite: Astrasat

Frequency: 12556

Index Rate: 27500

Polarity: Horizontal

Error correction factor: 5/6.


Frequency: 12558

Index Rate: 27500

Polarity: Vertical

Error correction factor: 5/6.

Kuwait TV channel

Qara Ainak series, episode 10, will be shown on Kuwait TV with the following frequencies:

Nile Saturn:

Frequency: 11055

Polarization: Vertical 7

Index Rate: 27500

Correction: 2/3

Arabsad – Badr 4:

Frequency: 12523

Polarity: Horizontal

Symbol Ratio: 27500

Correction: 3/4

Thus, we have shown Qara Ainaq, episode 10 of Hayat Al-Fahd series, Ramadan 2023.

Source: Sava Agency – Agencies

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