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Qualcomm unveils upcoming Samsung Glasses app


Qualcomm unveiled its new Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen2 processor, the next-generation processor in the company's family.

As the company announced in its press conference, the new app will power glasses from several companies, including HTC, emerging company Immersed, and Chinese gaming company Play for Dream.

The new snapdragon.

Saeed Bagheer, Product Manager of Qualcomm's Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology Department, pointed out that the better quality of the screen display reflects the possibility of providing peripheral vision features around the user through external imaging sensors, a passthrough feature. Apple introduced the Vision Pro glasses and the Meta Quest 3 last year. This level of digital vision quality paves the way for mixed reality experiences that allow the user to interact with digital elements while wearing their smart glasses and viewing the real world around them.

The latest Qualcomm processor will allow smart glasses makers to add more sensors to their glasses, as it is capable of processing visual content captured by up to 12 cameras simultaneously, up from the 8 cameras supported by the previous generation.

These sensors include external sensors that accurately capture the dimensions and details of the real world around the user, as well as sensors located inside the glasses to capture the movements of the user's face and eyes, the company explained.

The new processor chip supports the manipulation of data captured by sensors that monitor the movements of the arms and the whole body, which are often installed on control arms or glasses.

Qualcomm showed off a test model of its new processor-powered smart glasses, and partnered with Goertek to design and manufacture test glasses based on Dobi's imaging sensors.

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A new state of communication networks

Also, the Qualcomm processor supports the operation of the new generation of Wi-Fi networks, WiFi 7, because new wireless networks allow mixed reality glasses to connect to surrounding devices within a limited range, such as personal computers and smartphones. Facilitates data exchange between them.

Bacadir explained that Wi-Fi 7 will strengthen the integration relationship between smart glasses and devices, especially smartphones, which the Qualcomm official believes will complete the user experience with its glasses, because the processing power needed to deal with graphics can be separated. Phones and glasses can quickly accomplish them, as well as using various sensors on the phone, such as the camera, to support virtual experiences that the user can have inside his glasses, such as taking photos of his body. Performs exercise exercises while he follows the movements of his virtual trainer in front of his eyes through the glasses.

By achieving integration between smart glasses powered by the new Qualcomm processor and Android smartphones, the American company is looking to improve the environment of Android platform applications and experiences, said Shahram Izadi, director of Google's AR Technologies Department.

It is noteworthy that Qualcomm, Google and Samsung announced that they will collaborate to offer new smart glasses in early 2023, so the arrival of the new Qualcomm app and the statements made by its managers during their press conference confirm an imminent release date. The expected glasses will be part of the Samsung Galaxy family of smart devices and will run on an operating system developed by Google.

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