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NASA has taken amazing photos of Jupiter's largest moon


NASA space probe was able to capture… Photograph A spectacular view of Jupiter's moon Io.

According to a newspaper report,The New York Times“The Juno probe was able to fly to the closest point it could observe Jupiter's largest moon, capturing images of mountain peaks, steep slopes and volcanic lakes.

Scott Bolton, a physicist and principal investigator for the Juno mission, told the newspaper he was “amazed” after seeing the images because they were “incredibly colorful,” mainly oranges, browns and yellows. Sulfur and Volcano.

Amazing contrast in colors with Jupiter's moon Io

Bolton likened Io to “pepperoni pizza” because of the variety and contrast in its colors.

Scientists hope to uncover the secret of Io's volcanic eruptions, reaching tens of thousands of miles into space, and to determine its relationship with and influence on Jupiter, providing evidence of how the planet and its 95 moons formed. , according to NASA.

Jupiter's moon Io as seen by NASA

The Juno probe reached Jupiter's orbit in 2016, flying dozens of times around the planet at altitudes ranging from 10,000 to 4,667 km above the gas giant's clouds.

The American spacecraft Juno is in orbit around Jupiter

NASA has announced that the US space probe Juno has successfully reached the orbit of Jupiter.

One of the goals of this mission is to delve deeper into understanding the planet's formation beneath the layers of gas clouds that cover it, which is still hidden from telescopes.

The Juno probe weighs three tons and 600 kilograms and is powered by solar energy.

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