March 29, 2023

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كيروش: لا تسألونى عن استبعاد محمد شريف وأفشة.. والحسابات للمهندسين

Quiros: Don’t ask me about excluding Muhammad Sharif and Afsha … and the accounts are for engineers

Carlos Quiros, the coach of the national team, has refused to disclose the reasons for the removal of both Mohamed Sharif and Mohamed Makdi Afsha from the national team’s list in preparation for the two matches against Libya. And he only knows the Egyptian team.

The coach of the Egyptian national team said during a press conference that there is no need to constantly talk about the accounts during the Pharaoh’s journey to the World Cup qualifiers, calculations in football are unreasonable because it only acknowledges diligence, but the calculations are left to engineers and mathematicians.

Egypt is preparing to face Libya in the third round of the African qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar on October 8, followed by the fourth round on the 11th of the same month.

Kuiros continued, “I know that just 5 days in Libya is not enough to prepare for the match, but we are well prepared and prepared for this difficult conflict, especially the Libyan team is a strong adversary, but we have studied the strengths and weaknesses, the Egyptian team has a special player at each center. Good luck with that.

National team coach Carlos Guerrero held a brief press conference on Monday, with the official start of the international conference, before the team’s training, in which he talked about the team’s preparations to meet Libya in the third and fourth rounds. Sixth African Group Qualifiers for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The technical staff of the national team, led by Carlos Guerrero, prepared for the meeting with the Libyan team in the World Cup qualifiers and announced the list of players selected in the team camp. The list includes 24 players:

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Goalkeepers: Mohammad L-Shennavi, Mohammad Abu Jabal, Mohammad Pasam and Mohammad Sofi.

Security: Akram Tawfiq, Ahmad Bati, Ahmad Heqazi and Bahar al-Mohammadi, Mahmoud Hamdi “Al Wensh”, Yasser Ibrahim, Ahmad Abu Al-Fath and Ayman Ashraf.

Middle: Mohammed Elneni and Amr al-Sulaiya, Tarek Hamet and Hamdi Bati.

Attacking midfielders: Ahmed Saeed “Jiso”, Mohammad Salah, Abdullah Al-Saeed, Ibrahim Adel, Ramadan Sofi and Omar Marmush.

Attack: Ahmed Hassan “Coca” and Mustafa Mohammed.