June 5, 2023

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Radio serials compete with television drama in Egypt during Ramadan

– Quoted from Arm News and edited by Ahmad Bayomi

Radio series are coming back to force the arts community during Ramadan 2023 in Egypt, which will compete strongly with television work this year.

Radio serials witness the polarization of many bright stars in TV dramas, some of whom have stepped away from the silver screen this year.

The most prominent among the names of radio drama is artist Yahya Al-Fakhrani, who returned after a long absence from radio, except for his absence last year, after a strong presence, currently presenting television series in Ramadan. In past years.

In the following report, we review the most important broadcasts during Ramadan 2023 in Egypt:

Sharazad’s Dreams:

This year, the artist, Yahya Al-Fakhrani, presents a radio series entitled “Dreams of Skiharazad”, based on the novel by the Egyptian writer Taha Hussein, and his dramatic treatment written by his wife, Lamis Zafar.

Groom Required:

In his third radio collaboration with artist Ahmad Helmi, he presents the series “Bride Needed” with the participation of artist Hana Al Jahed, who presented the series “Al-Isma in my hands” last year, and who also presented it. “Live and Return Again” series in 2020.

Red Card:

The comedy series starring Bayomi Fouad, Rana Raees and Amr Wahba is one of the hotly contested comedy radio series.

Who is in the countries?

Comedian Iman El-Sayed in “Who’s in Dole?” Participates in the series. With the artiste, Mohammad Nashad, to be presented on radio in Ramzan.

Merit of the student:

Akram Hosni made up for his absence from TV drama this year by participating in a radio series titled “Sala Al-Talmid” alongside Sherry Adel, Ibrahim Samir and Mustafa Gharib.

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Coca’s Confession:

Nelly Karim was keen to present a radio series in addition to the television series “Natra Currency”, she presented a series titled “Confessions of a Beach”, starring artist Mohammad Faraq.