May 24, 2022

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"Ramadan Zaman" is a Lebanese play that recreates the context

“Ramadan Zaman” is a Lebanese play that recreates the context

A one-song comedy-drama, which premiered in Beirut yesterday evening, introduces the traditions of Ramadan in many Arab countries and most nostalgically recalls the joy of the fasting month in the Lebanese capital, which is mired in severe economic and life crisis. We welcome everyone who enters the “Medina Theater” with some cool licorice drinks, drums and tambourines “Welcome” and songs and songs of joy, entitled “Going Back to Ramadan”.

Awad Awad, a Palestinian theater director living in Lebanon, describes his work as “Ramadan nostalgia”.

He says, “We offer the audience an entertaining job of remembering beautiful things.”

In the theater, the entrance walls are adorned with carpets, ropes hung from colored cloths, and platforms selling sweets, beans, cakes, gowns and handicrafts are hung, Avad insists, “Ramadan is crowded with family and friends.”

The 28-year-old adds: “We meet with the audience on stage. Like a little Iftar or big Suhur, to sing with him and make him happy, ”in light of the economic crisis.

The play is reminiscent of past Ramadan rituals and songs associated with the experiences of Abu Sophie (Sami Hamdan) and Abu Rima (Tariq Tamim), retired witches from the profession of drumming fasting people. Constipation time.

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