February 8, 2023

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Rami Sabri’s new song “Heya” (Video) | News

A few days ago, star Rami Sabri released her first songs through her official channel on the popular YouTube video site with the single “Heya”. Official page on the social networking site Facebook.

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Rami is collaborating with lyricist Nader Abdullah on his new song “Heya”, who has written the lyrics and melody for the song himself, and is the composer and master of Jalal Hamdawi.

During his last concert in Saudi Arabia, which was a huge success during the Jetta season, Rami promised his fans that he would release the song in the first days of June.

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Rami Sabri in Jeddah

Arab star Rami Sabri hosted a concert in Saudi Arabia earlier this month as part of the “Jetta Season” concerts.

Rami Sabri in Jeddah

The concert saw Rami Sabri presenting “Kelma”, “Hayat Mash Dhamam”, “Bhagabal Naas”, “Kaira”, “Shatpna” and many modern and old songs that her fans love.

Rami Sabri in Jeddah

It is planned that Rami will be strong during the summer with single songs and concerts that will surprise her fans.

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