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Rare creative artifacts about Gibran in the “House of Wisdom”


The “House of Wisdom” exhibition reveals “On View of the Soul: Zibran Zibran” to celebrate the inspiring literary career of international writer and artist Zibran Khalil Zibran, his rare personal possessions, especially the draft edition and the trial version of Zibran’s book “The Prophet”: “This is mine, my total existence, and everything before that is just an introduction.” It also shows 34 works of art written by Zibran throughout his art experience.

For the first time, the exhibition offers viewers the opportunity to see the pre-release stage of the book “The Prophet” in 26 prose poems, which have been translated into more than 100 languages. Zibran was first published in 1923 at the age of 40

The exhibition includes an original Arabic manuscript of “The Prophet’s Garden”, a sequel to The Prophet’s book, as well as several excerpts from the book “Spirits of Rebellion”, which contains four allegorical stories of Zibran’s call for independence in his homeland in Lebanon.

Director of the House of Wisdom Marwa al-Agroobi said: “Zibran’s works are still alive in the hearts of millions around the world and are still regarded as food for the soul and the mind and as a source of intellectual inspiration to this day. , The first opportunity to understand his ideas and study his unique creative style in art and organization. And poetry in a profound way. “

It is worth noting that the exhibition “A View of the Soul: Zibran Khalil Zibran” will receive visitors until January 6, 2022, which coincides with the 139th anniversary of the birth of author Zibran Khalil Zibran.

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