February 7, 2023

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Rare painting by German Frank Mark sells for $ 47 million at auction .. Seventh Day Images: Press B

Rare painting by German Frank Mark sells for $ 47 million at auction .. Seventh Day Images: Press B

Art enthusiasts expect the rare painting, which was recovered by the family of a Jewish collector last year, to be auctioned off next month to German painter Franz Marquez. Josie Blingenen, Christie’s international president, said the sale of the painting would be a wonderful moment in the art world because Frank’s paintings are so rare masterpieces.

What is the story of the “foxes” painting?

The “foxes” were put up for sale and returned to a Jewish collector who had left Nazi Germany after a lengthy process of ownership and extradition last year.

According to Christie’s, German collector Kurt Grove bought the painting in 1928, but was forced to sell it to help his family survive, and later left Germany, where the painting was handed over to the Consulate Museum in D டுsseldorf.

“The painting was returned to the family last year and they had already decided to auction it off after it was returned, giving another collector the opportunity to own it,” Plinkenen explained.

“Foxes” have been on display at the German Museum since 1962, so it is considered a rare masterpiece that has awaited collectors for generations, Plinkenen said.

Born in Munich in 1880, Mark is considered one of the most important artists of the German expressionist movement, and he died in World War I at the age of 36 at the Battle of Verdun, leaving behind some of his artistic career.

Display of a Rare Painting Rare painting by German Frank Mark

Details of the rare painting by German Frank Mark were sold at auction for $ 47 million.

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